Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Allison and Takeshi

We ate at a fabulous place, called Frank's, in Pawleys Island.......what a treat! So glad to be here and missing the terrible weather in Michigan.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Carney Family Newsletter for March

Happy Easter

Hoping and hopping that everyone has a very nice Easter! Chocolate Bunnies for everyone!
I will be leaving for South Carolina in a week....can't wait. The weather has got to be better than here. Looking forward to seeing everyone and getting out with my camera. Will have lots of photos to post when I return. 
See pictures below of Tim's little vacation to Chicago. He had a great time and got to see the collage and where Emma works plus all the sights downtown.

Happy Birthday Takeshi
Best birthday wishes from us all!

My Kind of Town
 Recently, Tim visited Emma in Chicago where he got the grand tour from Emma. Tim took the train from Royal Oak, Mi. to Chicago.

 I love this picture in front of "The Bean".  You can see Emma, both front and back, and also see Tim taking the picture....cool.

Spring Break!
Sean and friends buying some all night snacks on the first day of spring break

 and now it's on to baseball....congrats, Liam on making the JV high school baseball team.
(thanks Heather for the pics)

 Tim has been painting and just general clean up of his house. Emma and I were there to visit and it really looks nice.

Painting and Planting
Before: There's Takeshi after spending all morning digging out 20 year old shrubs.
After: Porch cleaned and painted and new Azaleas planted. Black mulch has been added and still to come, all the little garden chachkies.

 I'm sure that we all make up a budget but whether we stick to it or not is another story. Here is my Dad's budget from 1942, 2 years before I was born. I love looking at the little notebook that had all of his budgets. Can't believe how cheap everything was. $2 for the doctor, amazing! He kept track of everything even down to packs of cigarettes. A lesson to us all.

Girl Scouts
 There I am right in the middle. My Mom was our troop leader.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Carney Family Newsletter for February

Keep on truckin' no matter the obstacles

I'm getting there no matter what!

Another month that flew by, although I will admit I am glad to see it go. Spent most of my days seeing doctors and I am darn sick of it. I'm determined to take my usual spring trip to South Carolina if I have to hitchhike there myself.
Not much news this month...if there is, no one is telling me about it. I wish that some people would call me and fill me in on all the news or just call to say hello.

Happy Birthday to John

 Can you believe that John is 22???? We all send you birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday to Twin
 I heard that you had a fabulous day......we all wish you the best!

straight from instagram!

Just Desserts
 This is Allison's practicals.....she deserves an A++++ for these luscious goodies.
On the left are Bavarian Creams with oranges sliced just perfectly.

TB good old days!

See you next month everyone!

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Carney Family Newsletter is 16!

Our first family newsletter came out in November of 2001, just a few months after Mikey and Liam were born. You might remember that Amy has kept every issue and they are secure in plastic sleeves in a binder. I love looking at them all, what memories. In 2014, I went digital and they are all still on our newsletter page for anyone to look at.  The newsletter have been so much fun to do and so much better now that I can find all the photos online (facebook, instagram) as well as pictures text to me. So much easier all the way around. 
I love being able to document all the family events, big and small and see how the kids have grown up. I am also proud of everyone's accomplishments through the years. Take a look at our very first Carney Family Newsletter.

(click to enlarge)

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Carney Family Newsletter for January

Words of Wisdom from an elder
"Stay Positive"

It's still winter!!

The longest month of the year (actually the shortest) is almost upon us. Oh, how I hate January and February! At my age it seems all my social life revolves around visits to the doctor's office.
No birthday this month but some congratulations are in order (see posting below newsletter). Mike got a nice promotion which is much deserved so "way to go Mike"
Everyone, please avoid germs. The flu is rampant this winter....hand washing and hand sanitizer are in order. 

Snow and Ice in South Carolina

Emma and Friends

Athens JV Basketball
 (thanks for the pictures, Heather)

Home Improvement
 Mike's new coffee station....also in the works is outside house painting and floor refinishing
 Takeshi digging out 20 year old, overgrown shrubs....
 ....revealing one tired guy and much needed paint work.

Allison is Baking

Chilly Chili Run

Jim is under all that clothing somewhere

;-)  :-) :-)

Winter is always short of news so any contributions are welcome.
Until next time....love you all!

Friday, January 5, 2018

What is this substance??

Having live all his life in SC, John is puzzled as to what is all over his car.....LOL