Thursday, November 23, 2017

Carney Family Newsletter for November

Looking for the wishbone!

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sure wish that I could be with you today...or be with anyone for that matter. Who is roasting the best turkey? I hope that you all have a great day and that the Lions win!
Still waiting for all the leaves to fall and they better by December 8th as that is our last yard waste pick up. Mother Nature better follow the rules ;-)
Happy to report that I have some great pictures from today's Thanksgiving celebration. We are on the ball here at the Family Newsletter.....keep reading.
Love you all!

Happy Birthday Amy
 Dear Amy. we are all wishing you the very best birthday.......I know that you had a great day, getting a big gift, going to your favorite restaurant and actually having a cake this year.  Love the cake.

and...Happy Birthday to Mary Ann! Have a good one.

Emma's Home!
 Here's a picture of Emma with a friend. She is home for the holidays! Can't wait to hear about her adventures in Chicago.

Takeshi Travels to Japan
 Takeshi sent us pictures daily when he was in Japan and I felt like I was traveling with him. Many photos of food as well as all the place he visited.
 Wow, Pictured below is the view from this tower

 Takeshi sister, Myumi, participating in a festival.
 With his nieces, Yumika on the left is high school student and Ayaka on the right is attending college.
 Takeshi with his sister.

HGTC Culinary Institute Family Day
 Takeshi and Amy got to tour the culinary school and were served food that the students cooked.
 Kitchen (just one side)
 Class room
 Chocolate room
( look at that marble slab to temper chocolate...yummy )
 This is the meal that Allison cooked and served. I heard that the food was delicious.

Thanksgiving at Pirateland
 Allison with Patch....Allison is the official Pirateland events photographer.
Today, on Thanksgiving, Amy and Allison helped serve brunch to about 200 campers at Pirateland. Above is Amy with co-workers as they collect can goods and Toys For Tots. 
Later they will all go to eat at California Dreaming.

Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade

Tim, and friend Alex, at the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade this morning. I love Captain Underpants flying above.

(Throwback good old days)
Ok, so it's not a turkey but just me and a chicken.........throwback good old days.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Guess Who!

Too scary and to make matters worse, this monster is in someone else's house.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Carney Family Newsletter for October

Happy Harvest

Leave are falling and soon it will be snow!

I'm beginning to think that very few of you actually look at this newsletter. I make it as easy as possible with a link that you just have to click need to read anything, just look at the photos. I spend a lot of effort collecting pictures all month, editing and then working on the newsletter itself  and I would really appreciate if everyone takes the time to glance at it.  It is a very easy format that takes little time and effort. Thank you for your consideration.
Wish that I had a few Halloweeners in the family.....dug up some old photos and have posted them at the end of this newsletter.

Happy Birthday Allison
So proud of you Allison. We all are wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Marine Corp Bound
Here is Sean getting sworn in to the Marine Corp delayed entry program. He will go into the Marine Corp, officially, August 2018. 
Proud of you Sean!

Here is Amy with her co-workers volunteering at the concession stand at a local football game. You all look like professional concession workers.

Thank You!
Thanks to Tim and Liam for helping me out with some yard was cold and windy work but we were rewarded with a great meal at Logans.

Birthday Dinner
 Allision with friends and family for a birthday dinner at Paula Dean's......can't wait to try that place.

 Emma is doing great at school and just got a job at Starbucks....she also works two days a week at the school admissions office. Recently Emma had family visit on the weekend and than the following week two friends from Michigan came to visit. I'm so proud of you Emma....proud of all my grandkids!
 Hotel Lobby....pretty cool chairs (or pods)
 Shopping in Chicago

Bon Voyage!
Takeshi is on his way to Japan in a few days.
Have a great trip and save me some pictures. Would love to see pictures of your two nieces.
Having a goodbye dinner and trivia night. You guys came in 4th, an almost impossible accomplishment.

All Dressed Up!
Mikey and friends all dressed up for homecoming.....they look so handsome!


 John Bozdog Sr.
John Bozdog Jr.
Then there is John James, John Michael and John Takumi
I always loved this picture of my Dad telling Tim a story, I bet about golf. 

I love this is located at Lower Huron Metropark at the Tulip Tree Picnic area. I remember sitting by the tree back in the early fact, one time Gretta and I had a little picnic here.
Happy Fall everyone, see you next month.

Halloween through the years

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Wow, I sure had an attitude the day this picture was taken maybe because of the stupid jodhpurs that I was wearing. The picture was taken at Buni's house, loved hanging out there, only a block away from home. Looks like a warm spring day.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Carney Family Newsletter for September

Back to school you'all

Everyone is back in school (except John) but it's not the same as when they were little :-(
Thinking of Halloween and there again probably no one will be going out this year. I loved getting all the pictures of the kids in their Halloween favorite holiday.
Speaking of school, it's a bit hot too be in school. In fact, it is darn right steamy.  I'd be dozing off about 2pm. Study hard all of you, whether you are in high school or college

Birthday Boys
Happy 16th birthday, Mikey
and to you as well Liam!

Our Allison, the Chef
 Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach

 They started out making stock and soups and then on to sauces. This week it was everything eggs. Below: Eggs Benedict.......made by Allison.

Fried Green Tomatoes with Mike and Twin
 It takes .........
 and the joy of cooking!

 Emma, with friends, at a restaurant that has swings instead of!

Niagara Falls
 Ontario Canada
Jim and Mary Ann enjoyed 4 days at the falls. Below they did the Maid of the Mist ( they call it something else on the Canadian side) and got soaked. Beautiful weather and a nice time had by all.

Back to School
 Liam, first day of school

 Thank you Tim, for giving up one of your vacation days to spend with me in Detroit. I had a great day! I know it's not easy following behind a photographer who is focused on getting "the shot". I loved the ride on the new Qline and lunch at the Grand Trunk.
Patiently waiting

 Where are all the girls?

Liam and his buddies

Roosevelt Elementary School
(click to enlarge)
Can you find me in this picture? This was third first year in public school. I thought that my teacher, Miss Clark, was a movie star. She was so beautiful and really nice. I loved school from that day forward. I remember so many of the faces.....most of them I went through 12th grade with. The two girls to my right were in my high school "club" The Bopteens. Silly I know but we sure had a great time. I count 39, a big class by today's standards.  I also remember the courtyard where this photo was taken. My Dad went to high school in the building behind us. Now, of course, it has all been torn down.

Until next month....
Enjoy October, the best month of the year. Send me news and pictures!