Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Wow, I sure had an attitude the day this picture was taken maybe because of the stupid jodhpurs that I was wearing. The picture was taken at Buni's house, loved hanging out there, only a block away from home. Looks like a warm spring day.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Carney Family Newsletter for September

Back to school you'all

Everyone is back in school (except John) but it's not the same as when they were little :-(
Thinking of Halloween and there again probably no one will be going out this year. I loved getting all the pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes....my favorite holiday.
Speaking of school, it's a bit hot too be in school. In fact, it is darn right steamy.  I'd be dozing off about 2pm. Study hard all of you, whether you are in high school or college

Birthday Boys
Happy 16th birthday, Mikey
and to you as well Liam!

Our Allison, the Chef
 Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach

 They started out making stock and soups and then on to sauces. This week it was everything eggs. Below: Eggs Benedict.......made by Allison.

Fried Green Tomatoes with Mike and Twin
 It takes .........
 and the joy of cooking!

 Emma, with friends, at a restaurant that has swings instead of seats....cool!

Niagara Falls
 Ontario Canada
Jim and Mary Ann enjoyed 4 days at the falls. Below they did the Maid of the Mist ( they call it something else on the Canadian side) and got soaked. Beautiful weather and a nice time had by all.

Back to School
 Liam, first day of school

 Thank you Tim, for giving up one of your vacation days to spend with me in Detroit. I had a great day! I know it's not easy following behind a photographer who is focused on getting "the shot". I loved the ride on the new Qline and lunch at the Grand Trunk.
Patiently waiting

 Where are all the girls?

Liam and his buddies

Roosevelt Elementary School
(click to enlarge)
Can you find me in this picture? This was third grade....my first year in public school. I thought that my teacher, Miss Clark, was a movie star. She was so beautiful and really nice. I loved school from that day forward. I remember so many of the faces.....most of them I went through 12th grade with. The two girls to my right were in my high school "club" The Bopteens. Silly I know but we sure had a great time. I count 39, a big class by today's standards.  I also remember the courtyard where this photo was taken. My Dad went to high school in the building behind us. Now, of course, it has all been torn down.

Until next month....
Enjoy October, the best month of the year. Send me news and pictures!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

After Irma

Takeshi, Allison and Amy check out the beach after the hurricane. All cleaned up and ready for last of the tourists before the season is over.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Carney Family Newsletter for August

New Beginnings

 Summer is almost over and everything starts anew.....like school for instance. A wonderful new start for the girls who are starting college and Sean who starts his senior year in high school. New projects like Mike and Twin's new windows. Soon there will beautiful fall colors and cool sunny days.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Happy Birthday to me!              
 Well, amazingly, I turned 75 this past Saturday. Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes!

My Landscaper

Jim and Mary Ann took a trip to Gettysburg, Pa. to visit our history of the Civil War. They also stopped by Hershey to shop for chocolate! 
Beautiful, cool summer weather made the trip a big success and now Jim and Mary Ann are looking forward to a trip to Niagra Falls in October.

Solar Eclipse

 Our big event of the summer was the Solar Eclipse on August 21. Amy, Allison and John traveled about an hour south of their home to get a view of the total eclipse. Armed with eclipse glasses, drinks, snacks, chairs and umbrellas they had fun for this totally free event!

In Andrews, SC

 Mike welcoming (worshiping or welcoming the sun). They had almost a total eclipse in their part of Kansas. We had 80% in Michigan.
 Friend Debbie, Mikey, Twin and friends in the back, viewing the moon and sun.
 Sean in his solar event cape

Goodbye Emma
 Breakfast at our favorite Big Boy in Madison Heights before Emma leaves for school

Window Project
 Mike and Twin just recently invested in brand new windows for their entire house. Big project but they will recoup that in savings of energy costs.

Tip Your Server

Good Luck Emma
 All of Emma's worldly possessions dropped at the curb in front of her dorm in Lincoln Park, Ill.
Class started yesterday at DePaul University.

 Emma and her Roommate, Liz Becker
 All looks so neat and organized. Work hard Emma..... don't let any of that tuition money go to waste!

School Days, School Days
First day of high school for Mikey and Sean

Mass Mob
                        Recently went to a monthly event called Mass Mob where people go to Mass at a Detroit Catholic Church. This is St. Albertus. For more go to the link below to learn about the church.
 After the Mass we went over to Sweetest Heart of Mary's for their Pierogi festival. Great food and a polka band...yea!


Until next month, take care everyone. Let me know if you have any news. I will do a piece next month on Allison's start of culinary school with pictures and so on. 

Have a great Labor Day!