Sunday, July 30, 2017

Carney Family Newsletter for July

The Dog Days

We are in the midst of summer and we are coming up on changes back to school. But for now let us all enjoy the Dog Days of Summer. ( This saying goes all the way back to Greek times denoting the hottest time of the year when the Star Sirius was rising in the night sky. The star Sirius was the eye of the constellation Canus Major. And you thought that it had to do with dogs panting to keep cool or hot dogs at the county fair) Just a little trivia for you.

Happy 18th Birthday Sean!

and to Mike a very Happy Birthday
We are all sending birthday wishes your way, Sean and Mike (I think Mike is the older guy)

Ginger's Big Adventure

 Here is a picture of Ginger being brought home with her tail between her legs after escaping from the confines of her Hemlock Street home. Ginger ran away looking for fun and adventure but instead became afraid of all the fireworks going off. A couple picked her up and took her home with them. and she was there overnight. Needless to say Twin was frantic but through much searching, canvassing and facebook posts, they were able to find her.

 Here's Amy and Allison with their works of art......must be a lot of hidden talent

Just a handsome picture of Mikey

 Tournament Winners!
 Here's Liam (see arrow) with his travel team after winning a baseball tournament last weekend
Congratulations you guys!
 Max and Liam

Six Flags Over Georgia
 Takeshi and Allison went to Atlanta to pick up Allison's friend from the airport.....Hana had been in Japan for vacation and to visit family. Takeshi had to go to get his passport renewed so since they are the rollercoaster crazy people they had to go to the park. I have the best video (too long to post here) of them getting soaked on a water ride.

Emma's Big Party
 Emma had a huge graduation party.....I've been promised more pictures and will post when I get them.

Summer Fun.
Jim with a Bass that he caught and I think threw back in.
 Allison's special filter for her camera so she can take photos of the solar eclipse on August 21. The eclipse will be 100 percent just south of where she lives.......between Pawleys and Charleston.
I've been going often to Greenfield Village and this is a photo of Cotswold Cottage. They serve a full English tea on the terrace to the right.
 Nothing like hanging out in your neighborhood watching the filming of a TV production for Lifetime TV. They used the inside of the house for the main character's home. Looks like quite the production.

In honor of Mike's birthday and Gram's birthday at the end of August, here is a wonderful picture of them both.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


(click to enlarge)
I can't believe that it's been over a month since I was in South Carolina....missing everything and everybody. I'm not missing the weather right now as it is very hot and humid....worse than Michigan and Kansas.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Carney Family Newsletter for June

Life doesn't get any better than this!

 Summer has been great so far! Everyone is busy, especially me. I spent a wonderful 3 weeks in South Carolina. Thank you so much to the Mitsuoka family for their hospitality and to Pirateland for the week in a villa......I enjoyed myself so much.
Two graduations! I am so proud of my granddaughters. For more graduation pictures keep scrolling down after the end of the newsletter.
Jim and Mary Ann came to visit me and we had a nice time....eating and talking. Thank you Jim for putting up a new pole light for is eloquent.
Sorry for this late June newsletter. I am wishing everyone a fun July 4th....wave that flag and have a great weekend.

Happy 18th Birthday, Emma

 We are all sending birthday wishes out to you, Emma. 18 is a very special birthday.

Sean, Getting Ready for Pictures
 Speaking of is Sean getting ready for his senior pictures. Sean will graduate next year. He looks so handsome!

Model Material 

My Myrtle Beach Vacation
 This is the villa that I spent a week in at Pirateland.......right on the lake and very near the beach. Every morning I got in the golf cart and went to the beach. In the evening, usually, Amy and Allison came to visit and we went for a golf cart ride and ice cream. Fun time!
 Here we are in Charleston. We visited a historic house and also a cemetery.....great day!

 Allison after her graduation ceremony ....she's getting ready to go to culinary school.
 Enjoyed the state park and got so many great photos. I love this Anhinga picture and the ocean below.

Selfie, taken at Brookgreen Gardens.....I spent a lot of time there taking photos. My favorite morning, a trip to Brookgreen and then lunch at Chic-fil-a.
I'm still posting photos on my blog so to see more of my vacation go to this link:

The Pepsi Guy

Camp Counselor 

Mikey, What a Guy!

Emma in Chicago
Emma spent several days at the university for orientation.

 Our Twin
 I posted old graduation pictures recently so Mike sent me this one of pretty...
 then there is this picture of Twin changing a spark plug....she could have gotten lost in that truck engine!

Blood Drive
 at Pirateland and Takeshi is doing his part donating a pint.

Happy July 4th everyone

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Emma giving a close inspection of Allison's lip gloss
Now why don't either of you wear lip gloss now?